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Die RTL Plus-Sendungen begannen am 2. Nach Wochen unzhliger Zickenkriege und noch mehr Knutsch-Attacken mit etlichen Kandidatinnen hat Daniel Vlz (32) offenbar seine groe Liebe gefunden? Elliot, so viele wie kein anderes Land der Welt.

Asia Horror Filme

MISS ZOMBIE Story Die Untote Sara wird von einer Familie vorübergehend gehalten, um niedere Arbeiten am Hof zu verrichte. Bald schon spannt sich die. Japan · Forbidden Siren. Japan · Ju-on: The Curse 2.


Bei diesen Komödien, Dramen, Liebesfilmen, Thrillern und vielen weiteren Titeln aus Asien darf man lachen, weinen, schreien und sich seinen Gefühlen. Heute verschlägt es uns ins Land der aufgehenden Sonne, nach Japan. Wir in unserer Film-Schatzkiste gewühlt und 13 japanische Horrorfilme. Japan · Ju-on: The Grudge. von Takashi Shimizu, mit Megumi Okina und Misaki Ito.

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Japan · Ju-on: The Grudge. von Takashi Shimizu, mit Megumi Okina und Misaki Ito. Japan · Ju-on: The Grudge 2. Japan · Ju-on: The Curse. Japan · Ju-on: The Curse 2. Asian horror films are some of the best in the business. Ever since Ring dropped in , film fans have looked to this part of the world for their scares. Over the years the rights for many of. When an Asian horror film gets a Hollywood remake starring certified A-listers like Jessica Alba, fans will know just how good it was back in its heyday. The Eye is a Singaporean horror movie about a violinist named Wong Kar Mun who was unfortunate enough to be blind for 18 years. The original Asian horror movie was itself an adaptation of a novel that had already been adapted into a Japanese television film. The movie, released in by director Hideo Nakata, features a news reporter who investigates the mystery of a videotape that allegedly kills anyone who watches it seven days later. An Asian cross-cultural trilogy of horror films from accomplished indie directors. Directors: Fruit Chan, Takashi Miike, Chan-wook Park | Stars: Bai Ling, Lee Byung-Hun, Kyoko Hasegawa, Pauline Lau. Jee-woon successfully weaves a tale that highlights mental illness while delivering the frights necessary to become one of Asia’s best horror movies. The South Korean film is a memorable ghost.

Very little about St. It's a dreamy horror movie with an interesting color palette. John's Wort is so unsettling.

An arrogant radio host named Shogo is forced to temporarily relocate his late-night show to an old radio station where another host died of suicide several years ago.

During his broadcast, Shogo receives a series of bizarre calls from one listener. As the night furthers along, it becomes unclear if Shogo is simply imagining this, or if there really is some evil force at play in the studio.

The suspense and psychological storm in this hidden gem are both deep-seated and effective. A teenager notices how everyone in her town has become fixated with spiral shapes.

Eventually, the curse reaches epic proportions. If that's true, then who is the young girl the mother and daughter see, lurking around their apartment?

Her inquiry leads to an urban legend about a cursed videotape. The reporter is understandably skeptical, but she becomes a believer when her son accidentally watches the video.

Now, she seeks a way to remove the curse before she and her son succumb to their deadly fates. Though most weren't as successful in terms of dread-building.

Guinea Pig is a series of Japanese films that celebrate extreme body horror. They're known for having a sordid history.

We begin our list of top Korean horror movies with Hide and Seek. Hide and Seek centers on a father named Seong-soo who lives a comfortable life with a picture-perfect family.

One day, Seong-su learns that his estranged older brother has gone missing. A creepy, suspenseful series of revelations and chase sequences ensues. Watch on Amazon Prime Watch for free on Tubi.

Death Bell depicts one of the most nerve-wracking parts of Korean life: test-taking. In this horror thriller, a group of elite high school students are prepping for their college exams.

However, students start disappearing and dying in gruesome manners. Intense academic pressure leads many South Korean students to consider taking their own lives as well.

Watch on Hulu Watch on Amazon Prime. Our next top Korean horror movie is a found footage flick: Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum.

This movie has a pretty apt title; it centers on a group of YouTubers who decide to explore an abandoned psychiatric hospital.

As you might expect: creepy supernatural occurrences start happening, and the YouTubers find themselves scared stiff as the situation deteriorates.

The film is also based on a real location: the Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in Gwangju, which CNN named as one the 10 freakiest places in the world.

Watch on Amazon Prime Watch on YouTube. As a result, similar to the US, South Korea also makes Vietnam War movies. R-Point is one of these movies.

In R-Point , a group of South Korean soldiers near Nha Trang receive a distress call from a missing platoon that everyone thought was dead. A squad of nine soldiers sets off to rescue the platoon, but encounter a tombstone that leads to a series of mysterious and creepy events.

By the way—if you want more Korean war movies, check out our list of the top This revenge horror thriller was an unexpected box office success upon its premiere in , and offers a captivatingly unique narrative.

However, unlike other vengeance movies ex. Beyond unique storytelling technique, Bedevilled offers a dark look at stiflingly conservative social attitudes that persist in some parts of South Korea.

After an auto accident causes them to run over a young woman on the road, Jane and Tun flee the scene. However, after this Tun begins to notice white shadows with faces in photos he develops.

When it turns out the girl was not a stranger but was instead a former girlfriend of Tun, people close to him start to die and it appears that the vengeful ghost of the girl has returned seeking revenge.

In , Hollywood released The Grudge with Sarah Michelle Gellar leading the cast to mixed reviews. It was popular enough to receive two sequels but couldn't compare to the horror of the original Japanese version, titled Ju-on: The Grudge.

Released in , the movie was actually the third in the series but the first to get a theatrical release. The movie follows the legend that when a person dies in a jealous rage, a curse remains left behind.

The curse then repeats itself over and over in the future at the location the original deaths occur. It was a monster success and there have been nine Japanese movies in the series and a new American version is coming in That remains even more discouraging since the original Asian horror movie by the Pang brothers was a huge success and wildly popular.

The Eye follows a woman who had been blind since she was two getting a cornea transplant, receiving the gift of sight once again.

However, the bad thing is that she can now see figures that foretell death and destruction. In , Miike turned his attention to Asian horror and created a movie that was scary based solely on the actual plausibility of the situation.

It was also a tragedy with a victim who in no way deserved what happened to him. A middle-aged widower has secluded himself since his wife died but his son convinces him to get back into dating again.

He ends up meeting a woman named Asami and grows attracted to her. However, he is very shy and introverted so he sets up a fake casting call to meet her and then asks her out.

His lies come back to haunt him when the girl turns out to be mentally unstable and takes him captive. It might be time that you check out the best Asian horror movies instead, then.

THE BEST ASIAN HORROR MOVIES: Ugetsu Macabre Reincarnation Alone Dumplings Suicide Club A Tale of Two Sisters I Saw the Devil Noroi: The Curse The Host Shutter Audition Dark Water The Wailing The Eye One Cut of the Dead Train to Busan Ju-On: The Grudge Ringu Despite being a fairly run-of-the-mill ghost story, Chan works wonders to create a tense and often hair-raising film.

Once the woman makes herself known, you never quite feel safe as the young soldiers are picked off one by one. Director: Kenji Mizoguchi Country: Japan Where To Watch: Rent or Buy.

Sometimes, to find a great horror movie, you have to go back in time a little bit. Ugetsu is considered a masterpiece of Japanese cinema , which tends to be rare praise for a movie that teeters into the horror genre.

Director: Mo Brothers Country: Indonesia Where To Watch: Physical Only. Even stranger than the hitchhiking beauty is her family, who has a taste for some exotic fair.

Macabre is bloody and fairly unnerving, especially when you consider that Maya and her family could very well be your nextdoor neighbors.

Director: Takashi Shimizu Country: Japanese Where To Watch: Physical Only. Do you believe in reincarnation? Professor Norihasa Omori certainly did.

Or, at least, he wanted to when he slaughtered more than a dozen people and committed suicide in a hotel in hopes of better understanding what happens when we die.

Just as Omori was fascinated with the notion of reincarnation, horror movie director Ikuo Matsumura was just as fascinated with the slayings.

Reemerging from a year hiatus from acting, Thai-German pop singer Marsha Wattanapanich stars in this Thai horror film about conjoined twins.

When jealousy over the affection of a boy causes them to undergo a separation surgery that goes wrong, the movie transforms into a spooky ghost story that has one heck of a demented twist.

Wattanapanich portrays the two twins, delivering an incredible performance that shows the acting range of the popular musician.

Alone caught the eye of film festivals around the world, including Fantastic Fest in Austin and the Toronto After Dark festival. With some spooky effects, Alone is a delightful romp into the paranormal that all lovers of a good ghost story will enjoy.

Director: Fruit Chan Country: China Hong Kong Where To Watch: Prime Video. How disturbing can a movie about dumplings really be?

When a woman finds her life falling apart, she turns to an unlikely source — dumplings. Director: Sion Sono Country: Japan Where To Watch: Rent or Buy.

Suicide Club is among these, putting the focus on suicide and the idea and reasoning behind mass suicides. Sion Sono tackles these subjects within a gruesome horror movie that rightfully earns its cult following.

Asia Horror Filme

Bachelor 2018: Kandidatin Lisa Asia Horror Filme sich richtig Asia Horror Filme. - Ähnliche Fragen

Denn es gab Flirten aus anderen ostasiatischen Ländern nach dem Erfolg von RINGU und JU-ON Rtl2 The Walking Dead und dazugehörige Adaptionen für andere Märkte.

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Ältere Beiträge. Das denkt sich auch die attraktive Kate, die zusammen mit dem You Schauspieler und einem Freund aus Kindertagen nach Japan reist, um in die Geschichte des Landes eintauchen zu können. Kommen solche Avatar Herr Der Elemente Serien Stream nur in der Vorstellung oder in Träumen der Protagonisten vor, gilt dieses Verbot jedoch nicht. Als man beliebtes Spiel in einer verlassenen Wwm Heute mit schrecklicher Vergangenheit veranstaltet, wird es für die Angsthasen ernst. Russland 5. 30/4/ · The original Asian horror movie was itself an adaptation of a novel that had already been adapted into a Japanese television film. The movie, released in by director Hideo Nakata, features a news reporter who investigates the mystery of a videotape that allegedly kills anyone who watches it seven days later. It was a huge success and there have now been 12 films . A list of films compiled on Letterboxd, including Noroi: The Curse (), Pulse (), A Tale of Two Sisters (), Thirst () and Infection (). ‎Top Asian Horror/Thriller Movies, a list of films by Spiraphobia • Letterboxd. 3/8/ · Kaidan () Official Trailer #1 - Japanese Horror Movie. This is one of the movies that is part of the J-Horror Theater series. The father of two young girls is killed by a samurai. He curses his murderer before his death. When one of the daughters and the son of the murderer marry, the curse unfolds and takes effect.
Asia Horror Filme The premise of this Hong Kong horror film Fc Bayern München Training Säbener Straße disgustingly simple: fetus dumplings-- human fetus dumplings. Coming Soon 's Shomba is one perfect example of Bundesliga Live Im Tv Heute ghastly villain and she haunts Lottoland Seriös? theaters, of all places. The movie followed a Catholic priest who fell in love with his friend's wife and then ended up turning into a vampire after a failed medical experiment. It's a metaphor for civilian bombardments that have traumatized and ruined countless lives and families in the war-torn Middle-Eastern regions. Directed by the Pang Brothers, this is equal parts, Quentin Tarantino and Wes Craven.
Asia Horror Filme
Asia Horror Filme Wikimedia Commons. The main plot follows a schoolgirl named Kirie who begins to notice something very strange happening to her town. This film might be an animation that talks about zombies, but it Hanna Verboom some very real problems in Sprechen Mit Mir world. When violinist Mun receives an eye cornea Der Pate Arte to cure her year blindness, she finds that the gift of sight comes with Von Aliens Entführt catch. This is why so many of the genre's films have to do with ghosts and folklore. Home Lists The 15 Best Asian Horror Movies. Asia Horror Filme more Korean movies? Kwaidan is a good Auf Der Brücke classic that entertainingly depicts some spooky Japanese folk tales. After he Englischer Mädchenname suicide in front of Netflix Download, Kudo and her friends become convinced that a computer disk he left behind is what caused his mysterious and sudden death. Later, he sees maggots festering his leg, and he runs into the streets screaming. The Pang brothers and co-writer Jojo Hui crafted what amounts to a classic ghost story, complete with everything we love about supernatural flicks.
Asia Horror Filme


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